Nanotechnology provides many options in all fields to meet the needs of the current market situation improving quality, efficiency and providing competitive advantage in the market.

What we do

Provide strategic solution to your problem with our professional experts around the globe

Concept -> Feasibility -> Prototype development -> Lab Testing -> On-site Testing -> Commercialization

We analyze the current market problem and come up with a solution using nanotechnology. Then, we talk to the companies and get more specific details about their problem, discuss about cost benefits, commercial product design, its application etc.  Having all the detailed information on our table, we brainstorm the problem with our global expert and come up with a feasibility studies report. Thereafter, we work together with the client to step on to the strategic solution to the problem. Nanonub as the pioneering consulting services in nanotechnology provides the following services:-

  1. Feasibility study report
  2. Preliminary Design/Prototype Development
  3. Lab Testing
  4. On-site Testing
  5. Commercialization

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1. Feasibility Study Report

After you provide us the information about the challenges you are facing in the industry. We will analyze the problem and come up with the potential solutions based on the literature research.

2. Preliminary Design/Prototype Development

Once we had discussed about the potential solution and approaches to the problem. We will coordinate with you to develop a preliminary design of the approach which is best suited to your company. Selected approach would be used to develop a lab level prototype.

3. Lab Testing

Nanonub will perform all the required test at the lab scale systems. We will establish the scientific know-how about the approaches taken during the prototype development and testing. If needed, we will make sure that we take into account your estimated savings.

4. On-Site Testing

Nanonub will help you in every step to set up the test in a onsite location on a pilot scale. We will work with you to develop the test case, perform the tests, validate the lab results and analyzing the onsite test results.

5. Commercialization

Nanonub will collaborate with you to incorporate the technology in your current process. If needed, we will help you in design, manufacture and deployment of technology commercially at your location. We will provide you expert consultation for the successful implementation of the project and establish a tailored nano production line. Contact us, if you would like to speak with us and get some more details.