We believe that children are future of society and education is the best gift which we can bestow to them for a better future of the world. We encourage our future scientists, engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs to explore innovative creations of Nanotechnology.

Nanonub works in collaboration with other organizations to conduct workshop, seminars and group activities. It also provides course material, online multimedia and other resources to discover the world of nanotechnology. We also have training opportunities available. Our aim is to educate the public about the nanotechnology and its potential impact on society.

Schools can contact us for conducting the seminars, presentations, group activites on Nanotechnology. We can also arrange an informative session for the Elementary school, Middle School and High School students at different level during the school hours and help them getting aware of the technologies around.

Education is the key to the door which would open up to the world of nanotechnology and help the technology to shape our future. This field of Nano science and nanotechnology has got immense potential to improve the products in all different sectors like biotechnology, aerospace, defense, energy, environment, medicine, semiconductor industry, electronics, and computers etc.

With the rapid growth of nanotechnology which is impacting many aspects of our daily life, it became necessary for our academic communities to include nanotechnology in school, college undergraduate and graduate programs. Being an interdisciplinary field, it should be included in the curriculum right from the school level and the course should include the basic concepts of science from all different fields. It’s challenging to educate and train students with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to practice the design, analysis and manufacturing for a wide variety of Nano components, Nano devices and Nano systems. But, its definitely possible if we come together and work towards it with full determination.

If there is anything which is not mentioned here, feel free to send me an email about it. I will personally look into your request and get back to you soon.

Any suggestion, questions, comments on the nanotechnology education are always welcome. We will definitely try to incorporate it in our services as soon as possible.

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Omni Nano

About Omni Nano:
Omni Nano is a US-based organization that teaches high school students and college undergraduates about nanotechnology. They create and provide educational resources to teach nanotechnology/STEM to the next generation of America’s scientists and engineers. These programs are designed to inspire and encourage today’s students to choose professional careers in sciences and engineering. Omni Nano’s main projects include:
DISCOVER NANOTECHNOLOGY, under which they offer nanotechnology workshops to high schools, colleges, professional adults, after-school programs, and youth conferences, either on site or online. Our blog always contains an updated list of the workshops offered: Blog

NANOTECHNOLOGY CURRICULA, under which they have developed the first comprehensive curriculum to teach the principles of nanotechnology in high schools. This curriculum is fully aligned with the Next Generation Science Standard and can be used by any chemistry/physics teacher to teach a nanotech class. To receive guest access to the curriculum content, please, contact Omni Nano directly: Contact Us

– To visit Omni Nano’s website, which provides extensive background info, follow this link: Click Here.
– For an overview of their programs, click here