Current Market Need

In current market scenario, there is an ongoing demand to improve existing products. Evolutionary nanotechnology provides the opportunity to most of the companies and industries to get improved products by making a product from the bottom up approach. Most of the companies are interested to produce better quality product by creating smaller components and better performance materials at optimum cost. We have identified this unique opportunity and established Nanonub.

Who are we & What we do

Nanonub is a research and consulting company providing strategic advice and innovative solutions in the field of nanotechnology. We act as an interface and helps to figure out solutions to your problems. We provide highly specialized and customized services to our clients with the help of our global experts. We aim to develop and commercialize Nanotechnology on the global level. We are connected with renowned academic researchers, experts and professionals all around the globe.

India’s first nanotechnology consulting firm which serves its clients domestically and internationally with the technological know how. We aim to be the leader of the mission of nanotechnology commercialization around the world.

We have recognized the need of commercialization of nanotechnology around the globe. Many professionals all around the world are working on it and are trying to get better options for our future. Lot of work has been done in this field in the academic and research. But, now it’s a high time when we should work towards the commercialization of this technology.

Why are we created

Nanonub is created by recognizing the need of a common platform for all the nanotechnology professionals which includes industrialists, professors, students etc. This company helps in connecting the nano technologists in the academic area with the ones in companies and industries to talk about the commercialization of a technology developed at the lab level. It will also help the companies to connect with the experts in a specific area for the solution of current problems in the industry.

It gives you an early access and comfortability to work together in collaboration for a common problem in industry and come up with a solution using nanotechnology. We aim We aim to provide a conduit for companies to learn about and integrate nanotechnological advances.

Students can also easily connect with the professors, professionals, experts on various topics for their question related to academics, scope, job etc.

It provides nanotechnology consulting services to companies, research projects, institutions etc.